3d mural in Houston, USA

3D mural on the stairs ‘Play Me’ in Houston, for the ‘Big Walls Big Dreams’ festival 2022. Festival dedicated to street art often showcase large murals and urban artwork. To find the latest details on this festival, check official event websites, local news sources, or social media channels. Alternatively, contacting local art organizations or the city’s tourism office can provide you with up-to-date information on any events related to street art festivals in your area.

3D murals on stairs create visually striking illusions. And artists often use the steps geometry to craft an immersive experience, making it seem like there’s depth or a different scene when viewed from a specific angle. Such murals can transform ordinary staircases into captivating and interactive art installations.

3D mural staircases engage viewers in an optical illusion. Making the flat surface of the steps appear as if they extend into a different dimension. So these installations not only serve as functional pathways but also offer a playful and dynamic experience. Encouraging people to interact with the artwork as they ascend or descend the stairs.

Houston is known for embracing street art, including 3D murals. You might explore areas like the Heights, Downtown, or the Museum District for public art installations, including potential 3D murals on stairs. Check with local art organizations, city initiatives, or online platforms showcasing street art to discover the latest additions in Houston.

3d mural in Houston, USA
3d mural in Houston, USA 2022
3d mural on the stairs in Houston

To see more optical illusions: http://alexmaksiov.com/murals

Check Insta: https://www.instagram.com/maksiov/


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