3d mural as an optical illusion in Lodz city
January 5, 2024

3d Mural in Lodz city

“Motanka” 3d Mural in Lodz city on the wall, Poland also dedicated to Ukraine topic. As an optical illusion the wall was located on the wall of orphanage house, address Wygodna 20 st. Lodz. On the wall you see the Ukrainian folk doll motanka (the author of the original doll is Natalya Kovtun-Nerodenko). So which is easily performed even by a child. And In the past it was common in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Łódź, Poland, is known for its vibrant street art scene, including impressive 3D murals. Artists like Bezt and Sainer of the ETAM Cru have contributed to the city’s urban art landscape. Specific mural sizes can vary, but you can find notable examples like the large-scale works in the OFF Piotrkowska Center or scattered throughout the city, adding a unique artistic dimension to Łódź.

And probably 3d Mural “Motanka” is the first 3d optical illusion in Lodz

3d mural in Lodz city
3d mural in Lodz city
3d mural ‘Motanka’ in Lodz city, Poland

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