New photo from Mural Fest Dnipro it’s first edition of mural event in this city  started from 18 June- 25 July. I have worked  on my mural from 21th June till 6th of July  on the building which is 16th stories address Pokrovskiy district  5T. And spent about sixteen days of hard work with some extreme wether.


Mural "Refraction"



Mural "Refraction"

Mural “Refraction”

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  • Alex November 13, 2017

    Oh, I adore street art, especially on Soviet skyscrapers. This is a combination of the symbol of the old generation’s dullness, which built for the quantity, and the new one trying to make the life of people more bright. Agree on the way to work it will be more pleasant to look at the art of graffiti than on gray high-rise buildings. These Artas are more than just graffiti, it’s just some social scream. Who wants to tell people that life is not so shit. Another thing is street vandalism, when teenagers buy cans for the sake of leaving their nickname. I despise it.

    • Oleg November 13, 2017

      Almost completely agree with you, Alex, street art should live and develop because it’s fine. I have a small history connected with this topic. I am from Ukraine, the city of Kharkov. Near my house, also some “street artists” painted art, it was a portrait of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. In general, when local authorities decided to erase this graffiti, in connection with the situation between Ukraine and Russia. Residents of the house began to defend the “picture”, arguing that it is better than just a gray and damp wall.

  • dmitriy November 13, 2017

    Just a wonderful job, you rarely find graffiti of such large sizes, if only it was possible to paint all the houses with such art drawings, life would be much brighter, colorful and more positive. To the creators of this graphite, many thanks for the work, a very large amount of work and expense of colors. I think people will appreciate and who will not remain indifferent. Continue to develop your creativity!

  • Max November 13, 2017

    Handsomely! Straight unreal beautiful, I can’t believe that it is actually painted. I really like this street art, it is clear that it was painted with a soul. I even think that this graffiti art is so bright for this whole city. Art as if covers the grayness of the city with its bright colors. Very talented painted. Still can not believe that this is really drawn. This fascinates me very much!

  • George November 13, 2017

    I respect urban artists for their works of art. In my opinion, for the street art future, because it’s fine. I do not know when it will come to people in the CIS that it does not need to be fought with, but rather encouraged. I’m not talking now for street vandalism, and it’s clear that they are hooligans. Another thing is the huge graffiti with the meaning, passing by makes you stop, admire, reflect.

  • SannyRah December 7, 2018

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

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